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Corporate Customers

Repair "BPO" Service

BPO services of after-sales service of IT equipment. Services supports the repair call (call center), components exchange ,Level1-3 foundation repair (repair) and components inventory management.
リペアー PJ コールセンター PJ パーツ調達・物流

Global "VMI" Service

VMI services of IT equipment. We support the complicate procurement between manufacturers. It is possible to raise the amount needed when needed and it is possible to suppress and reduction of procurement costs.
パーツ調達・物流 PJ 入出荷・物流

"EC" Fullfillment Service

Fullfillment Service of EC.
Product photography, product registration, order processing, customer center, storage, shipment. We will Correspond all of your EC business (Fulfillment).

リペアー PJ コールセンター PJ 入出荷・物流

Individual Customers

PC Repair

Our PC Repair Service include

LCD repair / motherboard repair / power jack repair for Dell , HP , Sony , Toshiba , Gateway laptops and more. We are ready to back up to full speed with a properly repaired desktop, laptop and iPhone. Our trained technicians can diagnose and fix (repair) all problems of any brands or models.

Trade-in Service

Let us handle your "OLD"PC !

Trade in your valuably used devices, laptops, cell phones and more. Free shipping the item to us and we’ll determine that Trade-in price. If you do not agree with the Trade-in price, you can cancel the service.


Second Hand PC Shop

High-quality Second-Hand PC!

We sell only High-quality Second-Hand PC / Tablet / SmartPhone with a Repair center's confidence. For your convenience, our shop is open 24 hours in "Rakuten Ichiba" and "".