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Corporate Customers

BPO Service

Repair [Feature of Repair BPO]  > more information
・Supports the unplanned repair number.
・Process control to improve efficiency of repair work.
・Cost reduction through the use of All-in Repair.
・Quality control of world standard.
・Flexible Support is possible.

[Introduction to Benefits]
・We can maintain the staffs and facilities of repair, regardless of the increase and decrease of the number of the annual repair.
・We offer the "Status report" by process control of original management system.
・We provide total repair cost reduction by "All-in Repair".
・We minimize "Second Repair" to perform quality maintenance based on "ISO9001".
・We offer wide service for your needs of repair BPO.

Callcenter [Feature of Callcenter BPO ]  > more information
・Quality improvement by independent organization.
・Quality control of paperwork duties with procedure manual.
・Systematic training programs and human resources.
・Uses evaluation workbook to improve the reception quality certification.
・We cope with high speciality duties using Group network.

[Introduction to Benefits]
・Quality improvement is brought about by the inspection of independent organization.
・Quality will be maintained by the standard procedures in the quality of the "launch of business" and "operation".
・An instruction course is consist of systematic training program.
・Introduction of evaluation workbook enables improvement of equalization and quality of operation.
・Cooperation with the repair team improves the customer satisfaction by specialty and flexibility of repair.

logi [Feature of LMD BPO]  > more information
・Connection with global components vendor.
・Product management that is specialized in IT components.
・Cost reduction effect by cooperation with repair.
・Return product to Vendor support.
・Introduce selection criteria with components stability.

[Introduction to Benefits]
・Purchase components at the best price rom the carefully selected components vendor.
・Know-how of the components management enables to support from "small components" to "precision instrument".
・Reduce repair cost and repair days by cooperation with repair center.
・Supports the simple components management including RTV.
・Secure constant quality by selection criteria for components.

VMI Service

logi [Feature of VMI Service]  > more information
・International distribution between global company.
・IT system which enables group cooperation.
・Smooth domestic transportation with Sagawa Express.
・Using repair data for Inventory management.

[Introduction to Benefits]
・Cost reduction that utilized scale merit of global company.
・Management of components procurement by Group System.
・Domestic delivery supports mass transit by Alliance with Sagawa Express.
・Using know-how of OEM/ODM to select components vender selection.
・Analyze data and reduce surplus stock from demand prediction.

logi [Feature of Material distribution]  > more information
・Control of various components vendors.
・Choice of the best vendor with experience.
・Domestic procurement network in case of emergency.

[Introduction to Benefits]
・Procurement of variety components due to advantage of group network.
・Always choosing vendors which has the high quality in selection criteria for components vendors.
・Supply components by domestic in case of emergency.

EC Service

logi [Feature of EC refurbished]  > more information
・Reproduce and sell initial failure.
・Resale is possible without missing sale opportunity.

[Introduction to Benefits]
・The initial failure products refurbish into ”sell products”.
・Do not miss sale opportunity,because repair and sale substitution can perform consistent.

logi [Feature of EC call center]  > more information
・Open a shop at domestic representative online moll.
・Complaint handling at contact center.

[Introduction to Benefits]
・Easy start to deal of Rakuten Ichiba and
・Supported after sale (Telephone and Email), you can concentrate on only sale.

logi [Feature of EC inventory control, distribution]
・Widely supports "order-shipment" and "inventory control".
・Periodical presentation of sales report

[Introduction to Benefits]
・Manage inventory control thoroughly without missing sales opportunity.
・Submit sales report whenever you like.